Tour # 9: Fishing Tour Packages available
Duration: 2 hrs. + longer
Available: Winter + Summer
Rates: Fishing Packages start at $ 100 person
Discounts available for 10 or more persons
Min. of 4 persons required
Tour Schedule: Anytime
Fishing Packages n/a if strong winds or wet + rainy wx
Location: TBC

Fishing Licenses required
Fishing Equipment extra

Tour Details:

We have various Fishing Packages available in the winter and summer:

  • We can take you fishing in the Tuktoyaktuk Harbour, out to the Pingoes, or some other location
  • It is possible to catch lake trout, coney or other fish
  • Fishing Gear and Equipment available
  • Build your own Customized Fishing Tour Package that includes fishing, accoms, meals, etc.

We also have Wildlife Viewing Tours and Camping Tours available:

  • Wildlife Viewing Tours and Camping Tours available in winter + summer
  • Wildlife Viewing includes polar bears, grizzy bears, caribou, wolves, geese, ducks and other birds  
  • Camping in tents or cabins out on the frozen Arctic Ocean or out on the Arctic Tundra
  • We can develop a Customized Tour Package for you that includes:
    • Wildlife Viewing for birds and wildlife in the area
    • The Tour Package can be a few hours, a day trip or longer
    • We can supply Warm Clothing
    • We can supply meals
    • We can provide Accoms. in Tuk or at the Camping Site