Tour # 6: 4 hr. Tour to the Pingoes
Duration: 4 Hours
Rates: $200.00 + GST per person
Discounts available for 10 or more persons
Tour Schedule Daily at 5 pm
Tour Departure: Tour n/a if strong winds + choppy waters or wet + rainy wx
Meals: Not included
Pax: Minimum 4 pax required
Note: This tour is recommended as an addition to  the 2 hour or the 5 hour tour of Tuktoyaktuk.

Tour Details

The 4 hr. Tour to the Pingoes includes: 

  • Transportation to the Pingoes with a truck, atv or boat plus walking to the Pingoes
  • Guests will learn how the Pingoes form when the permafrost pushes upwards into a formation shaped like  a volcano
  • The tallest Pingo in Tuktoyaktuk stands about 110 ft.
  • Learn how the Pingoes attract wildlife
  • How the Inuvialuit use rhe Pingoes as "road signs" when we travel out on the Arctc Tundra
  • Guests will have the opportunity to climb the Pingo ( note: pingoes are surrounded by water so we may not get to the Pingoes )