Tour # 8: 2 hr. Dryfish Making Demonstrations
Duration: 2 Hours
Availability: June 15 - September 30th
Rates: $ 50.00 person + GST
Discounts available for 10 or more persons
Tour Schedule: Daily at 1 pm +  6 pm  
Fish Cutting Demo n/a if strong winds or wet + rainy wx
Location TBC in Tuktoyaktuk
This tour is recommended as an addition to  the 2 hour or the 5 hour tour of Tuktoyaktuk.


Tour Details:

The 2 hr. Dryfish Making Demonstration includes:

  • An Expert Fisherman will demonstrate how to set a fishnet
  • Fishnet will be set in front of Roger's House which is about 50 ft. from the shoreline or some other location
  • The fishnet will be in the water for about 20 min. and will catch as many as 10-20 or more fish ( dependent on the season )
  • The fisherman will explain:
    • how to make dryfish
    • how to cut the fish into dryfish
    • how to smoke the dryfish in a smokehouse
    • how to dry the dryfish
    • how the various parts of the fish are used for food by us and our dogs
    • How the scraps and left-overs are fed to the seagulls and ravens 
  • You may have the opportunity to make your own dryfish
  • Excellent photo ops