Tour # 1: 2 hr. Tuk Tour
Duration: 2 Hours
Rates: $50.00 + GST per person
Discounts available for 10 or more persons
Tour Schedule Daily at 9 am + 3 pm
Pax: Minimum 4 pax required

Tour Details:

  • means " the place of many caribou" in the Inuvialuit Language
  • Tuktoyaktuk also known as "the land of the lakes and rivers"
The 2 hr. Tour of Tuktoyaktuk is our most popular tour and includes:
  • Dip into the Arctic Ocean
  • Walk on a Pingo ( ice cored hill found only around Tuktoyaktuk )
  • History and Background on Tuktoyaktuk
  • History and Background on the Inuvialuit and our lifestyle of hunting, trapping and fishing
  • Wildlife around Tuktoyaktuk
  • Climb down into the Community Food Freezer built into the permafrost ( if open ), the Sod Houses, and local churches
  • Arts and Crafts may be available