About Us

Arctic Tour Company Ltd. ( ATC ):
  • owned and operated by Winnie and Roger Gruben
  • based in Tuktoyaktuk
Arctic Tour Company Ltd. ( ATC ) provides:
  • tours and services with background and history on Tuktoyaktuk
  • background on the Traditional Lifestyle of the Inuvialuit
  • The special relationship between the Inuvialuit and the envrionment and wildlife
Our Tour Guides and Staff:
  • will be happy to share their experiences of living in Tuktoyaktuk and near the Arctic Ocean
  • share their experiences of traveling on the Arctic Tundra
  • share their experiences of watching the many different type of wildlife in the area
  • will do their best to offer you an enjoyable visit to Tuktoyaktuk
We offer:
  • Tuktoyaktuk Community Tours
  • Cultural Tours
  • Arctic Ocean Dipping
  • Wildife Viewing for polar bears, grizzly bears, caribou, wolves, etc.
  • Beluga Whalewatching Tours
  • Dryfish Making Demonstrations
  • Carving Demonstrations
  • Northern Lights Viewing
  • Custom Tours  

Roger Gruben

Roger Gruben is an Inuvialuit ( Inuit ) person born and raised in Tuktoyaktuk:

  • He has lived the traditional lifestyle of hunting, trapping and fishing
  • He knows the traditions + culture of the Inuvialuit people
  • Roger was an elected leader of the Inuvialuit people in the 1980's
  • Roger has extensive knowledge of the Inuvialuit Land Claims Settlement ( ILCS ) signed with the Gov't of Canada in 1984
  • Roger is a recognized authority on Native Rights and Land Claims Matters
  • Roger understands the importance of protecting the environment and the wildlife resources
  • Roger promotes the protection of the environment and wildlife resources to visitors from all over the world



Winnie Gruben

Winnie Gruben is an Gwichin ( Dene ) person born and raised in Ft. McPherson:
  • She has lived the traditional lifestyle of hunting, trapping and fishing
  • Winnie has extensive knowledge of the history, culture and traditions of the Gwichin and the Inuvialuit people
  • Winnie works for the Gov't of the NWT in Social Services and Probation and understands the social issues in Tuktoyaktuk
  • Winnie is actively involved in volunteer work and promotes the Wellness of Women
  • Winnie has been described by happy tourists as "the most knowledgeable and friendly tour guide in the north"
  • She will make every visitor feel welcome and help them have an enjoyable and memorable visit to Tuktoyktuk